Wednesday, August 01, 2007

11g New Feature!! Revenge of Compression!!!

As promised, an 11g new feature for you. Today, Table compression.

While Oracle Database 10g offered limited table compression, Oracle Database 11g offers full blown table compression. Compression is supported in the following cases:

· Direct path SQL*Loader operations

· Create table as select commands

· Parallel inserts, or serial inserts with an append hint.

· Single row, or array insert and updates.

This allows you to use compression on any database table, any time. The result can be a much reduced storage requirement and potentially much better performance!

More on this and many other new features in my upcoming book Oracle Database 11g New Features.


Stefan said...

It's a nice feature indeed. Though AFAIK it'll have to be licensed separately as an option.

mjb said...


Have you had a chance to look at the CPU resource hit, due to compression? Just wondering how costly this compression is....


Robert Freeman said...

I can't address the licensing issues. Currently compression is not a separately licensed product, so I don't know why this new feature would change that.

Robert Freeman said...

Performance is going to vary based on a number of factors. With RMAN compression in 10g we saw phenomenal improvements in backup times at the expense of CPU of course.

Testing on my system showed marked performance improvements on SELECT queries when using compression, and space savings that were just short of spectacular (in some cases I saw 90% compression!).

I've not fully exercised the DML side of this question... yet. I'll see if I can find some time to do that and post some results.

Stefan said...




Robert Freeman said...

The link from Stefan is a pretty good summary of the new compression options in 11g. It does seem to imply that compression will be licensed separately. I'd wait until the actual product release though, things changes all the time! :-)

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