Monday, August 13, 2007

My ode to Disney

My Ode to Disney...

Walt thank you for what you have done,
for Disneyland is really truly fun.
However for me, I must confess,
that Disneyworld is truly the best.

Disneyland was first, it is true.
It's an amazing experience for one who is new.
Disneyworld though, I must admit,
I think it better, by just a bit.

Both have Splash Mountain, a super ride,
but Disneyworlds is better, I must confide.
At Disneyland, it's one person per seat,
At Disneyworld, two together is neat.

The Haunted Mansion, oh what a thrill.
In both parks it's great, that is until,
you get to the dead center of the room,
and our host betrays a sense of doom.

Alas, Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland,
must take the prize well in hand.
It is a bit better than Disneyworld I think,
since there is also a place to eat and drink.

The castles simply can not compare,
at the two Disney properties fair.
Disneyworld's is a grand sight to see,
Disneyland's looks, well, quite wee.

For some reason I must admit candidly,
the Contemporary makes my Disney experience handily.
I love the look, I remember as a child,
wanting to stay there and just go wild.

In the end, both will do fine,
when I need to escape the adult confine.
Mickey and pals, are great to see,
and a Disney experience is wonderful for me.

If you came looking for Oracle, do not fear,
Another installment is very, very near.
Angst not, more is soon to come,
for sharing Oracle goodies is way to fun.

Copyright 2007 by Robert G. Freeman
All Rights Reserved
Like anyone really cares or would ever want to reprint this anyway... :-)

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Mumbai Guy said...

Cruise and Disneyland combo sounds a good idea.

I would love to visit Disneyland someday...someday when I get married and have kids...:)

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