Thursday, August 23, 2007

Landing on Insturments...

So, more Oracle Database 11g in a couple of days. I'm wrapping up another chapter right now and I'll post a bit or two soon.

For this post though, I'd like to share with you that I'm back working on my instrument rating. For me, the best part of flying is cross-country trips. Some people like to get out and just putter around, but I love the experience of actually flying somewhere. Seeing new things, new airports and so on. Because of this, weather is a bit more of an issue for me.

I started my instrument training back in Chicago after I got N7598U. I logged about 15 hours of training or so. Now, I'm back at it! I took my written a few months ago, so thats out of the way. I've just started the flying back up this week and I've logged about 4 hours. Here is one of the approach plates that I use for doing an ILS into Ogden...

I find this stuff pretty cool. This is a precision approach which means it pretty much takes you down to the runway both vertically and horizontally.

I flew this approach and a couple of others on Tuesday, and flew down to Provo on Wed. Saturday I'm back up again and I hope to be done by October if I'm lucky.

More on this later, and more Oracle Database 11g!!!!

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Lisa Freeman said...

Or maybe we should say it will be done by October if *I* am lucky, so I can have my husband back! ;-)

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