Monday, March 31, 2008

Collaborate and Clifford...

I've been working on my Collaborate University Session which is coming up in 2 weeks!! If you have any interest in 11g, it will be a good introduction to many of the new features in the product. I will be doing lecture and a lot of live demo's. I'm working on the live demo's for AWR right now.

If you have read one of my books you may have read about Clifford. Clifford is not a big red dog in this case, but an old (12+ years), cranky fur ball who I just love to death and somehow manage to get along with.

You see... my history with cats, and that of our family, is checkered. Not that I'm mean to them in any way, but I've never been a big cat fan to be honest. The truth though is that cat's never faired well in this family. There was Snowball who just died... then there was Fred who we lost somewhere between Oklahoma City and Seattle.

Then there was the day I got a call from my ex-wife.... she was crying, and I asked what happened. She said that she had gotten in the car and started the engine. All of a sudden, from under the hood of the car was this poof of fur and a ker-tump. It was cold, the cat wanted to be warm, and you can imagine the rest. Unhappy kids that day I can tell you.

Then there is Fonzie, who is our other cat. Fonzie has had her own close calls, including crawling up in the engine of the car of one of my kids friends. Fonzie got singed, burned and humbled but survived.

Then, there is Clifford. The old man of cats. Clifford sits on my feet, keeping them warm. He growls at Fonzie, making sure that Fonzie is clear on who is the senior animal in the house. Clifford stalks invisible prey (as does Fonzie). Cliffords nemesis is Denali, who is this harmless black lab/Shepard mix. Denali wants to make friends... Clifford doesn't trust Denali any farther than he can meow at her. Clifford will steathly stalk around Denali... watching carefully for some subliminal sign of impending attack. Of course, the only attacking Denali is likely to do is a lick Cliffords face off attack, but Clifford does not seem to understand this.

Hey, he keeps my feet warm! Here are some pictures of Clifford. This is one with him curled up under my desk, snoozing away. Lazy cat!!

Here he is under my wife's desk.... silly cat...

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