Thursday, April 17, 2008

I have HAD IT!!! And I'm not going to take it anymore.

Ok... time to vent. I like to read. Magazines are among my favorite form of reading (I like science magazines, airplane magazines, train magazines, financial and the like). I like them because the information is generally current, up to date and always interesting.

But I'm SICK AND TIRED of this.... I'm reading in my favorite magazine. I turn the page, and this STUPID CARD comes flying out and lands on the floor. With each stupid magazine maybe 2-4 of these buzz bombs falls out. This is IRRITATING to me. Not only is it irritating when they just fall to the floor and mess it up, but I like to sit in my bath and read from time to time too... so then the cards get wet. Plus it's just killing more trees.

So, I have a plan. I think we should all take these cards, shred them up and then send a bulk set of them to each publisher once a month with a letter that says, STOP PUTTING LOOSE SUBSCRIPTION CARDS IN MY MAGAZINE!!

Does anyone hate this as much as I do?


GaryC said...

If you must be such an anarchist, take all of the cards, glue them together into the shape of a tree and ship it to their headquarters with media notices on Earth Day. That way it promotes earth day 2009 at the same time....


Robert Freeman said...

Hmmm.... Or I could just burn them as a personal statement that I think the Man made Global Warming scare is all a farce and a ploy to help certain people with certain goals attain those goals when they otherwise could not.

But... thats another blog posting.

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