Monday, November 05, 2007

Back from Vacation, the book is out and conferences...

I am just back from a long (for me) vacation with my wife and 3 of my 5 kids. We had a nice week long Mexican Rivera cruise, and a day or so at Disney to boot. Well, we *were* going to go to Disney, but the kids decided they wanted to goto Knott's Berry Farm instead. I don't know, maybe they got some water ingested when they went scuba diving or something, because I can't see how one would NOT want to goto Disney.... but, alas, we took them to KBF.

The cruise was a blast, and I'll post a few pictures later in another blog entry and share more fun details about the cruise. Sure it's not Oracle but my life is not all Oracle!!

As for the book, I just got my copies today of Oracle Database 11g New Features!! So, it should be selling in the next couple of days!! Woo Hoo!! I hope you all will find it of help getting up to speed on Oracle Database 11g. I also hope that if you find a new 11g feature that is not in the book that you find invaluable, that you will share it with me and let me share it with everyone else out there.

I look forward to the rash of conferences coming up in the next few months! OOW is soon to come, then RMOUG and Collaborate. Conferences can be great, if you find the right people to listen too! I remember listening to Connor McDonald at the UKOUG some years back. I'd just done a 9i New Features presentation and Connor got up and started to pontificate on 9i. As I listened to him he mentions dbms_xplan.display which I believe was a new feature in release 2 of 9i. I sat there wondering how I'd never heard of it before! What a marvy tool dbms_xplan.display is I thought to myself. So, I humbly admit that I don't know everything (my kids might say I don't know anything).

I'll be at an author signing thing at Open World. If you are there, come look me up and say hi! I'll post more details shortly!

OH! 11g is now available for Windows! Download it and have a go!!

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