Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A change from 10g to 11g... a short blog entry...

It's been so busy of late and the blog has suffered.... I thought I'd throw in a quick 11g related change...

EDIT: To avoid confusion, when I say OEM in the context of this post, I'm talking about Oracle Database Control, NOT Grid Control. I have NOT checked if the following is true for Oracle Grid Control. - Thanks!! RF

If you are using OEM in 10g, you will notice a slight change when you move to 11g. If your URL in 10g is something like this:


you will see that it changes to:


Note that Oracle Database 11g has changed to using secured HTML pages with OEM. So, after installing and upgrading to 11g, you will need to change any bookmarks to using https instead of http.

More on 11g soon...!!!


Qaiser said...

The secure method exists in OEM Grid Control 10g. This is not something new. We have been using OMS in secure mode for a while. Techical information to implement it in 10gR2 is available at:


Robert Freeman said...

You are correct. However my point was the fact that Oracle now creates the database control repository (as opposed to the grid control repository, which I have not checked) as such by DEFAULT. This is a change in the way the DBCA works, and that was the point of this blog entry.

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