Wednesday, October 03, 2007

11g - OEM Secure Mode

As I was finishing off my writing on the Oracle Database 11g New Features book I came across this little gem that does not seem well documented. It appears that when you create the OEM repository now with emca, it creates it in what is called "secure mode". This means that there is an encryption key file created that is associated with the repositories encrypted data. Also during an upgrade Oracle will encrypt the existing repository for you. Oracle is so helpful!

The key file is called emkey.ora. It is located in the following directories:
  • For single instance databases:

  • For Oracle RAC databases:

Needless to say, this adds one more file to your backup strategy. Hopefully you already have OS level backups of $ORACLE_HOME occurring now, so you would be covered. Of course, the other option is to just drop and re-create your OEM repository after restoring your database, if the emkey.ora file was lost too.

However, this does not seem well documented, and I can't find anywhere that seems to describe what "secure mode" actually is.

Oracle Database 11g New Features is coming soon!! We are in the final stage before it goes to the printer (it's called page proofs). The book should be out in time for OOW!

End of line...... (for now)

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