Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Lots going on!! Part One 10gR2!!

Wow.... it's just busy busy.... so much fun stuff going on...

First of all 10gR2 has finally been released! In future blog entries I intend on introducing you to some of these new features so keep an eye out. I plan on installing 10gR2 tomorrow, so my first report will be on the install of the database product itself. We will see how it goes!! Wooo Hooo!! If you have Linux RH 3 you can install it too! otn.oracle.com is the place to go!

The first very cool new feature I plan on covering is DML Error Logging. Oracle has added the Error Logging Clause to speed up bulk data loading using Oracle DML statements (Insert, Update, Merge and Delete). When you use the Error Logging Clause, Oracle will record any row level errors related to the DML statement in an error table, rather than failing the entire statement. You can then review the errors listed in the error table after the load, to determine which rows failed loading. Once you have determined which rows failed, and the cause of the failure, you can load just those rows rather than having to reload the entire data set. This makes the data load process potentially much easier and makes errors less time consuming. Look for examples and so on very shortly!

Again, comments to robertgfreeman@yahoo.com....

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