Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Lots going on!! Part Deux!!

In an earlier blog post I quietly mentioned that I bought a new airplane.... Wooo Hooo!! Well, the one last thing I needed to complete was the BFR. It's a flight check that is required for private pilots every two years. Since I've been out of it a while, I was wondering how long it would take me to pick up things.

Well, I went up today for the first time in a long time.... it was GREAT!! The weather was almost perfect, perhaps a bit more hazy then I would have liked, but so be it. It was cloudy, but thats actually kind of nice because you don't have the sun getting in your eyes. The ceiling was very high (about 6500 feet or so) so we had lots of room for airwork.

I did several landings (and was quite proud of them!) and the normal airwork, stalls, steep turns, slow flight, etc.... Even did a 14 knot crosswind landing (at one time I was a crosswind landing expert, having learned to fly in Oklahoma, crosswind capital of the world!).

I am going to go flying tomorrow one more time..... work on X-Country stuff and the like, and then there is an Oral that we will need to do Thursday. Once thats all done, this kid is legal again!

It was great to see the plane down in Florida last weekend, and I'm excited to go pick it up and fly her home. Thats going to happen sometime next month.... more on that when it happens. Also, look for a final decision on comments soon....

Hope you all have a great day!
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