Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I love it...

OK, a break from Oracle and political talk....

I got this link and looked at it. I love this video.... it gives such hope to us older men who wish we could dance....

I have to admit that I sat and watched it three or four times, I was somehow mezmorized by it. Don't know why (I'm weird that way sometimes). Anyway, I like the tune too, so it's all good.


Have a great 4th everyone.....!!!

America Rules! :-D


Anonymous said...

Try irish dance if you want some fun. Many places offer adult classes. I compete with my daughters in parent/child competitions its a blast!

Anonymous said...

Ok sorry now I watched it ... that's not dance there's some arms that are apparently flailing around and some skips but not dancing a little shaking of the but.

It's sad and kind of pathetic but it is not dancing.

Robert G. Freeman said...

Well, one mans dancing is not anothers perhaps.

Perhaps this is like me and Martial Arts movies now.... I almost look at them too technically now, analyzing the movement and so on... As a result, I seem to sometimes miss out on what I used to find "fun" and "exciting".

Perhaps this is the same way with you and this video? Since I don't dance, and have never taken a dance class, I can enjoy it without needing to be overly critical of it.

Just a thought.

Thomas Kyte said...

for me, the funny part was the suspension of belief. I always associated Walken with the dead zone and the deer hunter and other dark movies.

seeing him "fly" made me laugh out loud

thanks for the clip

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