Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hello from Oregon...

I'm writing to you from the edge of the Columbia River on the Oregon side. It's a cloudy morning, typical of this place. Oh how I do love the Pacific Northwest. I'm here with my wife and daughter attending some family related stuff for my wife. Still... I can't seem to stop working either. However, sitting here from the balcony of my room, the view is just stunning and it's just unbelievable that I can sit here, wireless, work on my porch and enjoy this view. I can even ignore the fact that my wireless is soooo slow and that my battery is about to give out on me.

Perhaps the best part of this for me is that I have not one but TWO mainlines running right past me. There are two mainline tracks that run along this part of the Columbia, and there are trains running through here just all the time. I love trains, the sound, the feel, the power, the smell are all just so cool! Couple trains and the beauty of the North West and why would anyone want to live anywhere else?

A very long auto train just passed by on it's way to somewhere... (I need to look up the configuration of these tracks to see where they lead too). I love the rumbling sound as they pass by and the clackity-clack of the cars. We are taking the Empire Builder back to Chicago on Saturday, can't wait for that. The Empire Builder is one of Amtrak's long distance trains from Seattle/Portland to Chicago. It's a 2.5 day ride and it's bound to be beautiful. It's the first time I've ridden her (I've done several other Amtrak long distance train trips before) so I'm looking forward to the experience. I have taken each of my kids on a train trip over the years, it's a tradition that my father started with me, and I wanted to keep it up. Of course, it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that *I* just love trains!

Next week I go and take possession of my new airplane. Can't wait for that. More later! Hope everyone has a great day!


Don Burleson said...

Hi Robert,

Make sure you put the Louisburg NC airport on your flight plan.

Janet wants a ride in your new toy!

Jeff Hunter said...

I love trains, the sound, the feel, the power, the smell are all just so cool!
I used to love trains too, until I had to take one every day. Fighting for a seat, explaining to the guy next to you that his briefcase didn't pay for that seat, no A/C in the middle of July, knowing that the 600 pound woman that just walked on is going to take the middle seat next to you. I'd die happy if I never had to ride in a train again.

Robert G. Freeman said...

Good point Jeff! When I ride Amtrak I'll only do so if I have a sleeper room. That avoids most of the problems that you mention. The service is great and the view is incredible.

Living in Chicago I did the commuter train for a while. While all those problems you mentioned are there, I still liked the 30 min. train ride much better than the 1.5 hour drive overall.

My current commute to work is about 12 feet... THAT is the way to commute, I'm telling you!

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