Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Greetings from Dallas!!

On the road again....

This Willie Nelson song seems so appropriate today as I am on the road and I'm in the south. I'm in the big "D" to be exact, Dallas, Texas, for the Oracle Applications User Group meeting they are having here. Lots of traveling this month.... I'm off to Seattle next week with my wife and youngest to see some of my wife's family. I do like Seattle.... Lived there for two years. It's beautiful!!

I like the south (love would be a strong word because of the heat and humidity which I have a strong distaste for). I'm originally from Oklahoma, so I'm not all that far from home down here. I must admit though that the west in particular captures my heart with the mountains, which are woefully lacking here in the Midwest. Chicago may be a great city, big and all that, but no mountains.

I'm presenting on 10046 trace files today. It's a new topic for me at conferences, but an interesting one for sure. I'm demonstrating them in concert with external tables (see my earlier post on those things) and trying to show the crowd whats in there and giving them some ideas on how to mine it.

I'm staying at the Gaylord Texan, the conference hotel. Nice place.

I've got another very non-political post coming up (I'm sure you all will cheer that), probably tomorrow or the next day. A very exciting event in my life has occurred and I can't wait to tell you about it!!

So, come back soon, Ya'all!



Anonymous said...

There are several useful free utilities to analyze 10046 traces along with of course tkprof and the not so in-expense hotsos resource profiler. I have used recently the one found here at http://www.oracledba.ru/orasrp/
Egor has provided python source code and an executable installer for windows along with linux.

It does a very nice job of breaking out and showing things that tkprof does not give you and is based on of course the hotsos one and book by Cary Millsap.

When your utility gets as good as this one ... I want source code for yours also!

Anonymous said...

Sorry it is "not so inexpensive"

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