Monday, October 07, 2013

Really... I think Battleship is a great movie!

Some people listen to music while they work, some people need quiet. I like to listen to movies and TV shows in the background. One movie I'm somewhat fond of is Battleship. Battleship really didn't do well in the US market, but did very well internationally. I have it loaded up in my DVR whenever I want to watch it I just throw it on the TV and work.

I've noticed that there are lots of critics who pan Battleship... I ask you though, with scenes like these, it can't be all that bad really - can it?

I mean, watch those 16-inchers punishing the Alien ships! I also think the tech that is imagined for the aliens is quite interesting.... Look at these little gremlins:

They are called "Shreaders" and they are nasty buggers. They even have a tail, dang!! Then there are the standard weapons that the aliens have on their ships which are so cool as you can see here:

These things look like big trash can's but blast, they are powerful weapons. Finally, there is the music.... Which you can listen to here:

Some awesome music!

So.... Explosions, not terrible acting, aliens, more explosions, all sorts of good stuff.... I'd love to see a Battleship 2!

Just sayin.....

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