Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Oracle GoldenGate Book is out!

Lots of things Oracle Wise are going on.

I just saw that my new book on Oracle GoldenGate has shipped on Amazon. I'll say that this book was one of the toughest I've written for a lot of reasons. It was written during a time of great personal upheaval.... it has seen my life in the greatest ups and downs that I've ever experienced. This is part of the reason that it took so long to get the book printed. However, we worked hard to keep the book current and relevant - we added a new chapter at the end to cover the latest 11g features of GoldenGate. I'm sure that we will see GoldenGate 12c at some point in time in the not to distant future (I have absolutely no internal knowledge of this fact what-so-ever, this is a pure guess based on the fact that Oracle Database 12c has now been released).

I'm working on the last of the writing on my Oracle Database 12c New Features book! I just finished the initial write of the final "chapter" of the book and am now preparing to go back through all the chapters and test them against the final production code. We write the NF book mostly on the Beta code of a new database version, but we ALWAYS go through every chapter, every code example, and check it against the production code. I've noticed that other 12cv books tend to use the beta and that the early ones out don't seem to check their stuff against production. This has lead to examples that don't work, mis-named parameters and a host of other problems with the books that make them less than useful. I think this approach works best, but I'd be interested in your experiences.

More later on all that was promised and more.

edit: Scott made me realize that I probably did not give the people who helped me with the GoldenGate book and the New Features book too! I don't have all the names at hand, and I don't want to miss anyone, so I'll do that on a follow-on post.


Scott said...

Congratulations on the book, Amazon shows only two left in stock so it appears to be selling well!

Robert Freeman said...

Yep! Exciting! Thanks for your awesome help on the book!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! :-)

Robert Freeman said...

Thanks! :) Hope you guys are doing well!

TheFlyingBadger said...


We're about to purchase GG 12c. Are there plans to do an updated version of the book for 12c? Or can we "get away" with using the 11g book?



Robert Freeman said...

Good question. The book does not cover Oracle GG 12c. We started with 11.1 and provide an update chapter for new features on 11.2 including integrated capture, which I think is probably the biggest new feature in 11.2.

For 12c, I think the book still has a great deal of value for an Oracle GoldenGate 12c install. You can supplement the book with the New Features white paper here:

These new features include:

1. Optimizations for Oracle Database 12c including multitenant database.
2. Integrated delivery for Oracle Databases - this provides for more efficient parallel application of LCR's. It's pretty simple to configure.
3. Coordinated delivery for non-Oracle databases - Multi-threaded delivery of LCR's.
4. Support for more databases
5. Automatic configuration of discard files.
6. Security improvements
7. Capture and delivery to cloud based services.
8. Tighter integration with Oracle Data Guard.

So, I don't think there is anything material in the book that changes, it's more augmented by 12c.

We have not discussed a new edition of the book yet. We are getting ready to update the RMAN book for Oracle Database 12c, and then I suspect we will look at the GoldenGate book and see what updates it requires.



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