Friday, July 05, 2013

12c New Features Contribution - Want to get published?

This is related to my new Oracle Database 12c New Features book which will be out soon! I'm offering you a chance at getting your name in lights (sort of) and to be immortalized in this new book.  Note there is no compensation, award, prize or anything else guaranteed here. Just opportunity.

We are near the end of the actual writing of the 23c New Features book. My friend, Tom Kyte, has offered to add some running commentary which we are calling "Tom says". In the process, Tom is also offering up some technical comments. I had finished up Chapter 6, which includes coverage on a new feature called Pattern Matching. To be honest and embarrassed a bit, Tom replied that he didn't like my example. In fact, he kind of hated it. There were many reasons why, and I agreed with 90% of them.

So, after feeling really depressed I thought... Well, back to the drawing board with my example. Then it struck me that this is actually an opportunity.

So, I'm giving YOU an opportunity to be published. In the comments to this post (and please copy me in email at, respond with the following by midnight 7/15:

  1. Write a query using the new Oracle Database 12c Pattern Matching feature.
  2. Include sample output demonstrating the query.
  3. Provide all DDL required to re-create the query including the creation of the table (and any other objects), and creation of all data in that table.
  4. The query should be SIMPLE for a first time user to follow, but not so simple that it can be replicated with a SQL statement easily not using the pattern matching feature.
All comments with entries will be published on the blog here as long as they are not bogus, breaking copyrights (so don't just cut and paste from the Oracle documentation or just change it so slightly that you think no one will notice) or are otherwise in bad form.

One awesome entry will be selected for publication (assuming a get an awesome entry - I do not guarantee that any entry will be selected).

I'll contact you if you are selected and then we can work out the legal details. Note that if you are selected you will not be compensated for your entry or any additional follow-up work that you might be asked to do. You will have to warrant that it's your own and give Oracle Press rights to publish it under their copyright. Your name will appear in the acknowledgements of Oracle Database 12c New Features for all your jealous co-workers to oooohhh and aaawwwwhhhh at!

So, get cracking and learn about and use Oracle Database 12c Pattern Matching!

P.S. -- Here is a starting place....

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