Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Flying.... Good grief... Do we really have no manners...

I fly a lot. In doing so, I've really started to get frustrated with people and their total lack of manners, compassion or just following the rules. Some people just act like animals, idiots or are just plain rude to others. I think it's getting worse too, not better. Some of the behaviors that I notice that just irritate me:

1. Line crashers. This isn't just a problem on the airlines. What is it about some people that make them think that they are so special that they can just cut in front of other people. The other day, at the airport, two ladies and then myself were in the "Sky Priority" for boarding first class. I noticed this guy positioning himself, craftily, to crash through us in the non Sky-priority line, so he could get into the plane first. I then noticed a lady doing the exact same thing. Sure enough, as soon as they called for boarding, these two jokers just slam through the non Sky-priority line (which the gate agent is supposed to close but did not) and press themselves in front of us.

Now I realize some might say, "Poor baby.... you were in first class and someone crashed the line" but this happens be it in first class or coach, it's just that my latest experience was in first class. There just seems to be this select group of people who are just plain rude.

Now.... I have little patience for this kind of behavior. Usually, when I get on the plane, if I'm in ear shot of the moron(s) I'll say something about people who just can't seem to wait their turn. More often than not, they will either try to pretend to ignore me, or their busy talking loudly on their cell phones...

Which also is quite rude:

2. Loud cell phone talking - Do you *really* think I give a CRAP about your phone conversation? Do you really think any of the people within about 100 feet of your loud, obnoxious and irritating voice really give a CRAP about your phone conversation. Next time your on the phone, either keep your voice down or tell them you will call them later. I don't need to hear about your drug strung up kid, your one-million dollar deal or whatever else it is that is so important to you that you think you need to push it onto me and everyone else.

3. Please, for the love of GOD, when you get out of your seat, don't use my seat (and often my hair and some part of my head) as leverage to get up or sit down. You don't need to pull, push, tug or beat on my seat back, yours will do just fine for all of these jobs. I'm sick of having my head hit by idiots who feel like they need my head, head-rest and seat to help themselves up. Usually it's not the old and infirm that do this. More often than not it's the big idiot who was on the cell phone earlier and who crashed the line. I'm just saying.

4. I have decided that the seat belt sign on the airplanes is interpreted by some people to mean, "You need to go to the bathroom". Why do I think this? Because as soon as the thing goes ON (for example in turbulence or we are starting to descend) - it never fails that there is someone who makes a bee-line for the bathroom on the plane. I'm fairly certain that the sign means to put-on your seat belt, not take it off. I'd really rather not have you stumbling around the cabin and landing in my lap because you lost your balance when the turbulence hits.

Likewise, why is it that people feel that they should un-buckle themselves BEFORE the sign goes off and the plane comes to a complete stop? Hey, look outside that thing called a window already. If we are not at the gate, it's probably a good indication that we will be moving again. If we are at the gate, and the sign does not go off, we probably will be moving, if only slightly. SIT DOWN you idiot, and leave your belt on. You would not believe how many times I've heard the flight attendants get on the PA and tell people to sit down because the seat belt sign is still on.

5. Please refrain from loud and obnoxious conversation after sitting down. Most people have figured out how to communicate with their seat mate quietly and without aggravating those around them. Then there are those that seem to feel like we ALL need to hear their latest tale of the poor girl they shagged and left.... or of the cows they just sold... or of their business success... or whatever it is. Often the discussion is a drunken one, or rude, or both. Trust me.... the people around you, for the most part, DON'T WANT TO HEAR YOUR STORY for the entire 2.5 hour flight.

It's likely that your seat mate does not either to be honest.

Ok.... that's enough for now.... :)

I guess that I should write something on Oracle someday, eh?

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Noons said...

Hehehe! I can sooooo empathise with this!

Some of the MANY reasons why I just do NOT travel by air unless it is strictly necessary.

Add to that my incredibly strong claustrophobia and you got a recipe for violent reaction!...

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