Monday, September 05, 2011

Selling my baby.... N7598U

So I'm selling my baby, N7598U. I'm not getting out of the flying business, I love it way to much, but I'd like a bigger airplane and I'm moving to Las Vegas and other like factors have led me to decide to sell it. This blog entry is so I can point potential buyers to pictures and other information on the airplane.

The airplane is a 1976 Cessna 150M (N7509U)  and I'm asking 20k for it. 1976 is the year before they started making the Cessna 152 in place of the Cessna 150. The airplane is hangared at U42 in the Salt Lake City area, and has been hangared continually since I purchased it 5 years ago or so. I'm also offering a couple of extras including a hand held Lowrance GPS (color with elevation awareness) and a mobile TCAS box. For those interested in the SLC area, I also have a hangar that we can transfer over the lease on. That's a big deal since the hangar list at U42 has about a 2 year waiting period at this time.

I don't have the exact hours associated with the engine and the airframe in front of me. I'll update this blog post once I get these numbers.  I know the engine has hours in the low 100's. The airframe is probably around 7,000 hours or so if I remember correctly.

UPDATE: Hours are as follows: TTAF (Total Time Air Frame) 7674.1.     TTE (Total Time Engine) unknown.   TSMOH (Time Since Major Overhaul) 109.5. So the TSMOH is actually less than the 110 hours I was thinking. 

So, what does she look like? Well, here are some pictures of N7598U. Forgive the less than perfect quality of the pictures. They were taken from my cell phone which usually takes better pictures .... I think the light wasn't that good for some of these.

Here are some pictures of the flight deck.... Lots of people ask about it. Note that we have one NAV/COM, a LORAN receiver (I can not vouch for it's functionality), ADF and transponder. This is a fully functional basic IFR platform and all the required inspections/tests for it to fly IFR are current including the static system (done last year so it has a year to go). I've had this plane in IMC several times and trust it with my life. The 150 does not have an alternate static system. There is a jack that you can plug your iPod into if you like.

The airplane has just come out of annual with no major squaks, and all AD's are complied with. So this baby is good for a year of flying.

So, nothing is perfect and this airplane has some visual squaks that keep it from ever being a contestant in the pretty plane of the year award. All of these issues are totally cosmetic, and I was working on fixing them a little at a time.... but there is still some work to go.

So what needs fixing?

  • Interior plastic really should be replaced at some point. It's cracking in some places.
  • The pilots window latch works, but not great. The window stays shut but it just does not quite latch the way it is supposed to. This is pretty typical of older Cessna's that I've seen.
  • The airplane needs a paint job. I had it inspected for interior rust when I bought it and no rust was found. I had the interior sprayed with rust killer to prevent any possible future issues. She has been kept in a dry climate for the last 5 years, so rust related issues are highly unlikely. 
  • The front cowling is probably the ugliest part of the airplane. I was looking to just replace it, which surprisingly isn't that expensive when compared to other airplane related items. It's totally airworthy, but the paint is pretty bad and it just looks like it needs to be replaced.
  • The passenger door has a hole of some sort in it that is patched. I have no idea how the hole got there (I'm sure it's buried in the logs somewhere, I've just never gone looking for it. This is just a blemish, and is patched, and has no impacts on the airworthiness of the airplane.
  • The elevators show what appears to be some hail damage. It's very minor and again, how no impacts on airworthiness. I really have not noticed hail damage anywhere else.
Here are some pictures of the "Squaks"

I have fixed a few things. First of all, as you can see from the total time on the engine, it was recently replaced with a newly overhauled engine. The compressions are quite good on this new engine (high 60's and into the 70's). Also I've invested a bunch of money in airworthiness issues like replacing all the pulleys and cables, new brakes, tires, etc.... All of this is logged of course. Also the seats are in very good condition and look almost new. Here are some other pictures of the airplane....

Bet you didn't know that the 150M could go vertical did you!?!?!?!? :D

So that is the airplane in words and pictures. Thanks for taking time to look at it. I've been all over the US in this little airplane and she is a wonderful flying platform.

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