Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Troubling ... what has happened to our country?

Have you heard about this? Does it not just make you wonder what has happened to our country when a man risks life in prison for recording the actions of police out in public? Does this not make you worry that slowly but surely we have a country that is turning into a police state and that our freedoms are being eroded away slowly. Frankly I find this story very concerning and upsetting. What is happening to this country if we can not keep an eye on our police, who are supposed to be working for us?

Of course, I respect that the police do sometimes get setup, that sometimes something taken out of context can be misunderstood and go viral and I understand that the police are concerned about such things. However in a free society we need to error on the side of liberty and freedom. I think that the presence, or likely presence of recording devices will make the police think twice about their actions. This can have negative consequences, causing an officer to hesitate making a decision that can have deadly results. Still, even this possibility does not seem to tip the balance of the basic right and principle that what is public is public.

This country was founded on the principles of freedom and liberty. There are clearly risks associated with such things and we accept those risks as citizens of this country. Being free, by it's very nature, is a riskier proposition than being regulated and controlled. It seems that many are willing to trade safety for freedom, and I wonder if they really consider the long term consequences of such an act.

At any rate, in my mind this is a clear case of abuse of governmental power. I think it needs to stop, now.

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