Thursday, May 21, 2009

Well, I'm glad the place isn't on fire...

I'm in Cleveland this week for a conference. I'm staying at the Embassy Suites hotel in Downtown Cleveland....... Supposed to be a nice hotel (and the room is nice except for the Wasp that attacked me when I got in last night.... it lives no more).

I'm on the 12th floor. Just now, two very large men got into some kind of an altercation on the floor. It was loud, and I was watching them, it looked like it had the potential to turn into a fight.

So, I try to call the front desk to see if they think it might be a good idea to get security up here.... ring, ring, ring, ring, ring... no answer. I tried to call the operator, same thing. The General manager, same thing.... and it's getting louder and they are running all over the floor. Do they have guns? This is Detroit, who knows? There is also a poor maid up here... so finally I punch the emergency button.... Ring... Ring...

Click.. (oh thank goodness, a human being)

Thank you for calling the downtown Embassy suites..... If you know which extension you would like to dial...

Thank goodness it's not a fire or a shooting. I'd be dead by now as would half the floor before someone would find out. Somehow I'm thinking the EMERGENCY button ought to get answered.

Oh... did I mention that fire trucks have now showed up at the hotel three times in a row....Twice last night at 3am and about 3:45 am and then just now.... Fortunately they did not evacuate the hotel last night.

And then there were the very loud, obnoxious people outside yelling at each other at 2am... I could hear them from my 12th story, closed window.

Wow... what a city.... :-)

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La belle mère said...

Hmmmm ... funny you didn't mention any of this to me ... :-/

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