Sunday, May 03, 2009

Collaborate 2009 - Hello Orlando

Greetings to you! I come to you from my University Session training room at Collaborate 2009 in Sunny (read hot and HUMID) Orlando, Florida!

I flew into Orlando last night. Lisa came with me but by way of a different airline. Somebody (who shall remain nameless) waited too long to buy her air and thus we ended up on different flights.

Flying from the West to the East is so painful. Changing two time zones, catching connections. I flew Delta from SLC to Atlanta, and then had all of 40... that's right, 4 - 0 minutes to catch my connection. Of course, I arrived in terminal A and had to catch my flight in terminal E. Of course my flights were at the far end of each concourse.

So my training class is on the 11g OCP. Today I realized that there might be a bit of a problem.... some in my class were expecting that the class would be on the 10g to 11g upgrade (1Z0-050) and some thought it was for the 10g OCP exam (1Z0-053). Oh boy..... So I'm scrambling to provide information to both groups. There is some cross over but then there is also a lot of basic stuff in the OCP that isn't in the Upgrade exam.

I still have not had time to do a proper post on Chile!! I had such a great time there and I really need to take the time and do a decent post on the experience. There were also some great pictures taken there.... The one you see attached to my blog now was taken by Hans Forbrich in Chile. He took some awesome pictures that I need to share with you all sometime soon.

While in Chile I got to meet so many new people for the first time. I met Hans of course, then there was Fernando (Ok... so his name is *really* Fransisco but for some reason I was calling him Fernando). I also met Daniel Morgan and Tim Hall for the first time, as well as Ben Prusinski and Graham Wood.... I'm sure I'm forgetting at least one or two others, so I hope you will forgive me!

Collaborate looks to be a great experience this week. I'll provide some more thoughts as the week progresses!

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