Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's been a while! Transportable Database

So, I'm working on a University session for Collaborate-09 in Orlando next week and I came across this little RMAN feature that I have not written about. So I thought I'd share it with you.

It's called Transportable Database. It's really an off-shoot of Transportable tablespaces except now you can move the whole database kit-and-kabootle over to a brand-new database on any supported Oracle platform. Transportable database is supported by RMAN. This is a new feature starting in Oracle Database 10g Release 2.

The steps to move the database between platforms is pretty straight forward:

1. Verify the prerequisites
2. Identify any external files and directories with DBMS_TDB.CHECK_EXTERNAL.
3. Shutdown (consistent) and restart the source database in READ ONLY mode.
4. Use DBMS_TDB.CHECK_DB to make sure the database is ready to be transported.
5. Run the RMAN convert database command.
6. Copy the converted files to the target database. Note that this implies that you will need 2x the storage on the source database for the converted files.
7. Copy the parameter file to the target database.
8. Adjust configuration files as required (parameter, listener.ora, tnsnames, etc).
9. Fire up the new database!

This can make for a much quicker and easier migration between platforms than the old IMPDP/EXPDP method!!

We are working on the 11g edition of the RMAN book ... look for it soon!

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