Thursday, July 19, 2007

Frustrating Technology...

There is absolutely nothing Oracle related in this post, so if you only are interested in Oracle stuff, skip this one.

It never fails. When one thing goes wrong, there seems to be this domino effect. So last night I'm sitting at my desk trying to get some writing done. At 10pm, I have an automated backup that kicks off on my laptop to my new 1TB mybook WD drive. It has been magic for about the last two months since I bought the thing. My whole house backs up to it.

So, last night, my backup failed. For some reason, it could not get to the networked drive. So, as I'm looking over the network drive, my foot manages to catch one of my power strips (I have *way* to many of them!!) and hits the kill switch. Down go the dominoes... and enter silence. There is nothing worse than the sound of all your computers shutting down instantly .... only my one laptop kept running. My desktop, my poor wife's desktop, a laptop with a bad battery, the network modem, the router, the backup drive... all just died.

So, I sat and enjoyed the silence for a moment. No fans wuurring, no beeps, no green and orange lights... I just sat in the dark and enjoyed the total silence (the remaining laptop, a wonderful Dell XPS, is very quiet). Ah... how rare is silence these days.

Then I started it all back up. Everything came up ok, except I still can't connect to my MyBook drive which is irritating. I rebooted it, reset it, changed the network cables, and it's still not connecting to the network. BALDERDASH!!! So, if you know anything about WD MyBooks... please drop me a line. Otherwise it's a call to tech support tonight. *SIGH*


Anonymous said...
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Robert Freeman said...

The deleted comment was spam. I apologize if this spam impacted anyone.

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