Thursday, July 12, 2007

11g and other stuff...

So, did you watch the announcement yesterday about Oracle Database 11g? If not you can surf here:
and catch the announcement.
I am knee deep in writing the Oracle Database 11g New Features book for Oracle press right now:
and I have to say that there are a number of nice new features in 11g. Writing a book using Beta code is a bit of a bumpy ride though. It's made writing the book an interesting experience. Still, you get to see a great deal of what is coming, and play with it and that is quite exciting. It's also nice now that the announcement has been made, to be able to talk about 11g and some of the new features. So, in future blog entries I'll be talking about 11g. I should note that even though I'm writing the book using the Beta, I'll be going through every bit of the book after the production version of 11g is out, so you can be sure that there will be nothing in the book that is not in the production version of 11g!!

I'm working with Database Replay right now, a very interesting feature. Database replay allows you to capture a workload on a source system, and then replay it on some other test system. The setup is a bit involved but not too bad. I have noticed that replay seems to consume a bit more resources than the docs seem to indicate, but that could just be my system. Replay will allow you to manipulate certain parameters of the workload playback, such as the think time, and it deals with concurency issues too very nicely. All in all, once I can get past one minor problem I'm having, I have high expectations for this feature.
For now though, it's been raining in Salt Lake City which has been very nice. It helps to clear the air and cool it at the same time. I love rain... Give me a rainy Saturday with nothing to do but sit on my porch swing, with my wife and my wireless laptop. Some thunder is nice, but optional. I'm from Oklahoma, so you might think it weird that what I really long for is to hear those Tornado warning horns blare... but strangely it's almost a rite of spring for me and they are missed.

I am moving into a new office. For the first time since I lived in Seattle many years ago, I actually have my own window and the view is most excellent. My window faces the Salt Lake Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The mountains are in the background. I can't wait for winter and seeing snow on the mountains. I am more of a winter person myself and while summer is nice for things like swimming, I'd be more than happy if it never got above about 76F.
By the way, if you are reading this, and happen to be LDS and have some technical skills, the church is hiring. We need technical people badly. From DBA's, to Unix Admin's to project managers and more we need people. You must be LDS though, since we are a church we are allowed to hire only those of our faith, which makes sense to me.
More later!!


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