Monday, December 09, 2013

This has special meaning to me. If you accept a lie, it's easy to just move on.

It's easy to move on if you accept a lie, without critical thinking.
It's easy to toss away love if you accept the hysteria that is around you.
It is easy to destroy that which you loved by accepting the imaginings of those who say that have your best interests at heart. 
It's easy to ignore the obvious, when you are cloaked in the thinking of the group.
It's easy to hurt who you love, if you wrap yourself in a cloak of hate.
If You Start Accepting EverythingIt's easy to find guilt and fault in the innocent, when the innocent is the only thing that you have to throw away.

It's easy to forget the kindness shown you, when others manipulate situations to make even that kindness look evil.

It's easy to ascribe evil to even the most noble of actions when you have wrapped yourself in a lie.

An untruth is still an untruth no mater how many people believe it.

It's easy to forget how much you were loved when your convinced that you were  never really truly loved.

Deception has an amazing power to destroy life and love. If one will but open their eyes to deception, it will often present itself in all it's glory. The question really is about the virtue of the one who finally opens their eyes to see. Once they see, will they close their eyes again to avoid the inevitable?  Will they close their eyes again in the fear and loathing that is now their comforter? Or will they become the better of this race and realize the deception and what it has done - taken away the love that they could have enjoyed forever.

Moving on.... it's a lazy way to end what could have been amazing if only you had really tried.

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