Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Life is short....

I was reminded yesterday that life is short and a great gift. A friend of mine, Jodie, died yesterday morning. She had struggled for quite some time with Kidney issues and finally succumbed to the disease.

In the light of her death I'm reminded that life is short and that in it, there are no guarantees. Time ticks on and we are subject to it. As such, I find myself thinking about so many things and wondering about the meaning of it all.

In my mind, it's weird to think that before 1965, I did not exist and as such I didn't care if I was alive or not for I was not conscious of life itself. Now, having been born and living in the world, conscious of all that is in it, I find that I rather like life and the idea of leaving it does not appeal to me in the slightest - Heaven notwithstanding. I find myself a bit shell shocked at the death of Jodie... saddened and reflective about a great many things.

So, I hope that you will look at your life and remember that it is finite.... make the best of it, and be the best you can be. Try to throw off the shackles of the past that hold you back and look forward to the future. Look forward to being better than you were. Look forward to being happier than you were. Look forward and then make it happen. See the future and make it so.

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