Monday, December 19, 2011

Yes... I have something nice to say about the TSA - Trusted Traveler

So, I live in the Las Vegas area. I travel allot too. I've complained a lot about the TSA here and privately because government bureaucracy, inefficiency and (how shall I say it nicely) some of the people involved in the government who are less than helpful, drive me crazy. I want things to be common sense. I want people to follow their own rules and respect people. More often than not the folks at TSA are quite nice and semi-efficient, but I've seen and blogged about cases where they acted in a manner less than professional in my opinion. Also, I hate it when someones web site stated policies do not match those actually enforced on the ground, and I've seen that with TSA in spades.

But now, for this moment, I'm going to give the TSA and Delta Airlines kudo's for the "Trusted Traveler" program. You can find information on the trusted traveler program here. The experience was great... no taking off shoes, no taking out laptops, no removing liquids for screening... I just put my bags on the belt, took my wallet and phone out of my pockets and walked through the metal detector. That was it. The line was short (mostly because the screening is for Delta frequent fliers and you have to sign-up for it (I seem to recall signing up for it a month or two ago). Also if you are signed up for CBP's trusted traveler program you can use the new line.

At any rate, it was a great experience. The lines at the Las Vegas airport are quite long, even the frequent flyer line.... anything that can shave time off there is well worth it. This time I was through security in 5 minutes. Amazing!

Happy holidays all...

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