Friday, May 06, 2011

Todays DBA Words of Wisdom...

First, I'll post part three of my DBA 3.0 thoughts soon. But right now, a word from the DBA Guru...

So we climb the top of mount Oracle..... it's a difficult climb, fought with peril. We wish to face the peril, for it is perilous and that is what drives us... also we wish to seek the wise words and pearls of the great DBA Guru Dali Lamba DoDad who knows all Oracle.

Upon reaching the peak, we see the great house of DoDad, where the guru gives audiences.

"Come in my child, I see you have climbed the mountain and are worthy of my presence." he tells you....

"Yes your worship... I come seeking the wisdom of the Oracle of Oracle." you say. You are amazed, for you have never seen this man at Open World, or Collaborate or at any user conference.

He looks at y ou, and says, "Come closer my son, and I shall give you words of wisdom..."

You kneel and scoot closer to the Dali... he takes your head in his hands, moving his lips to your ears. You await his words, the words that will forever change your life as a DBA.

Dali says, "Wise DBA does not allow automatic backups to begin when testing database PL/SQL code on crappy PC. Wise DBA will realize that backup has begun instead of freaking out and going into full performance tuning mode."

Indeed, the Dali is wise......

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Nickname unavailable said...

Backups... who needs them?* :-)

Did the Dali say anything about autogathering of stats failing silently too?


*nobody - it's the restores that's important.

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