Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Working with Oracle Support....

My new itch of late is Oracle support and trying to help customers work effectively with Oracle support. I hear a lot of people complain about support. Sometimes the complaints are valid but just as often I find that people don't understand how to work the support organization. As a result of these observations I thought I'd share a few tidbits over the next few weeks for you to review and comment on. Note, I don't work for the support organization and I'm well aware that people have had great experiences and not so great experiences with support. I find though, in general, the more you know how to work with the support organization, the better the results you will get.

With that, today I'd suggest that you log into Metalink and review Oracle Note 166650.1 for additional information about the My Oracle Support Portal and Working Effectively with Oracle Support. This note will give you a good over view of working with the Oracle support organization.

Also Oracle is starting a series of "Advisor Webcasts". The webcasts will cover a number of topics over time to help you leverage Oracle support and several key features found in the my Oracle Support portal. The first of the webcasts include Certification searches for database product certifications and the ORA-600/7445 troubleshooting tool. Please take a look at note 1300014.1 for more information on these and future webcast events.

I hope to get my blog rolling again .... it will have Oracle and non-Oracle related content, and I hope to update it much more frequently.

For those of you following my depression... it's much better now... I am leveled on meds and feel better.

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Noons said...

Good to hear things are on the mend on the health front.
I like that MOS note: it actually is useful, rather than the usual "click on OEM/grid and all will happen by magic".

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