Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Is this freedom? The fairness doctrine...

Is this freedom?

The "Fairness" doctrine is nothing but an attempt to silence us. Note in the article above how the slippery slope is already being warned about. Perhaps those of you who don't like Rush Limbaugh or the other right wing talk show hosts think that the fairness doctrine is a great weapon, but I'm telling you that this weapon is the destruction of one of our principle freedoms, the ability to say what we think, when we wish and in a manner that we wish.

Personally, I have seen little that I think places this country and our principles of freedom more at risk than the "Fairness" doctrine. It is in our best interests to contact our congressmen and make sure they understand that the fareness doctrine is nothing of the sort.


Don Burleson said...

Hi Robert,


However, the Internet is not like TV and radio, it's a passive media, and you don't see anything that you don't specifically look for!

Besides, it;s well-known that the media is untra liberal, and most people to post politics on the web are aging hippies!

shaleth said...

The so-called "liberal bias" is "well known" among anyone who doesn't study the media, watch for programs that are liberal or conservative, and actually think for themselves. Seriously! Read

I found it very interesting that no-where in the article about the fairness doctrine did the text of the doctrine appear. Heaven forbid we let people read it and DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES.

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