Wednesday, January 02, 2008

And the results are in... Blog Poll Results

The results are in from our poll and here they are (note, numbers are rounded, so totals will not always be 100%).

1. Which of the following (if any) Oracle DBA conferences do you feel you get the most benefit out of?

Surprising winner was: User conferences? Who has the money? with 18% of the vote! I don't think this is an indication that DBA's don't think there is value there, because User conferences? Who cares? actually did quite badly with 7% of the vote.

Of the conferences listed, the popular ones are (in order):

IOUG - Collaborate with 17% of the vote
HOTSOS and Local User Conferences tied with 13% of the vote each.
Oracle Open World got 11% of the votes.

I should point out that HOTSOS was a late entrant to the poll, so this 13% is a very strong showing!!

2. If a new Oracle book were written now, which topic would you find of the most interest?
The top vote getter was Another Oracle DBA topic of interest not listed here with 28% of the vote. The topics listed in the subsequent question were wide and varied (and a couple I won't repeat here).

Second mention goes to a new book titled: How to move into another non-DBA career and not go broke with 20% of the vote. For some time this was the #1 answer, but it lost steam after a while. Perhaps a sad commentary on being a DBA these days?

Other book ideas:

Deep Dark OEM 18%
Deep dard Oracle networking 17%
Deep dark APEX 9.3%
Book, who needs anymore stinkin' books? trailed with 8% of the vote.

The next question: How many Oracle books did you buy in 2007 for yourself? ended up thusly:

1-2 45%
3-5 42%
5-10 8%
10-15 4%
I just buy way to many books! 2%

SADLY, most of you have not installed Oracle Database 11g yet. Only 41% of you said you have. The rest of you had not. Happily, not one person voted for SQL Server instead!!

You favorite authors in the list? The TOP five were:

1. Lewis
2. Kyte
3. Hart
4. Loney
5. Freeman (thanks!! :-) )

Not everyone voted for every author. The top five Author vote getters were:

1. Kyte
2. Lewis
3. Freeman
4. Burleson
5. Feuerstein

I hoped you liked this poll..... I'll be doing another one soon as it was a blast for me!! :-)

HAPPY 2008!!!!


Niall said...


I'd be interested to know the sample size as well.

Robert Freeman said...

Sample size is smallish, 59 whole people! So, I'm making no claims as to the scientific accuracy of the poll. It's all good fun!!

Or not, depending on how you look at it.

It's been a while since I took statistics, but I'm sure my margin of error is like +/- 100% !! :-D

La belle mère said...

Interesting results...too bad that some people didn't recognize the greatest author ever to grace the Oracle world with his genius (with my apologies to Lewis, Kyte, Hart and Loney). :D

Robert Freeman said...


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