Tuesday, May 24, 2005


OK, so in a twist of direction, I thought I'd share my thoughts on HTMLDB.

I've been working with it for a couple of months now I guess. I have to tell you that this is a great environment to develop in. I have really enjoyed the experience. It's a solid product, and the Oracle HTMLDB forum is just remarkable. The actually HTMLDB developers are there... often your question has already been asked and answered on the forum, and the answer is from one of the developers themselves!

I won't say that HTMLDB is simple, certainly basic development is easy. Like anything else, complexity and logic requirements can add to the HTMLDB learning curve. Still, I'd say in spite of this, the learning curve is frequently not as steep as it might be with other languages.

My plan is to start learning more java script so I can integrate that into my HTMLDB screens... but for now, I'm covered up with design paperwork.... so maybe in the future I'll be able to get to it.

So, if you are looking at needing to do some web development, look into HTMLDB.


David Aldridge said...


I've been thinking a lot about use of HTMLDB recently, so this was good to read, and my client keeps shying away from implementing something to give users direct access to some manual adjustment tables in their data warehouse -- I'm thinking that this could be just the thing.

Presumably 10g is the version of choice at the moment?

michael cunningham said...


I just stumbled on to your blogspot today while looking up something. Glad to see you writing information about HTML DB and how exciting it is to use. I've been showing a few folks here at work and their eyes light up when I show them how easy it is to build a simple application. Especially building an application from a spreadsheet - they really like that feature and are quite amazed. Management is, of course, concerned about another development language coming in the doors, but when I've shown HTML DB abilities and the fact that it is in Oracle and we can keep the data secure they too are softened.

Talk to ya later. Hmmmmm ... perhaps I should concider blogging.

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