Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Hello There!

Welcome to my BLOG! My name is Robert Freeman, here is more about me:


It's early in the morning, as most of my mornings are. I've just returned from taking my kids to early morning (6am) seminary, and I return to find that my friend, Mike Ault, has gotten himself a Blog setup. Well, since my history seems to be that of following Mike around for some reason, I figured I'd better get off my back end and do a blog too.

It's hard to decide where to start this blog, we all want to say something smart and insightful in these things I think. That would be great if indeed I were all that insightful. I think I'm to busy these days to sit atop of a rock somewhere and be insightful about anything.

I've got two older teenage girls (19 and 17) that are participating fully in the world wide conspiracy to drive their parents up the wall. As I anguish over their dating choices, there problems at school and listening to them tell me that I don't understand, I somehow don't have the time to be terribly insightful.

My two sons (16 and 14) have not yet discovered girls to the point that there is nothing else, and thank goodness for that. However, between computers, sports, new jobs, friends and, oh yeah, school, well, time for insight is just lacking.

Then there is my youngest who is 12 and who is in a "lonely" phase. This means that she spends every moment she can with my wife and I. I don't mind this, she's a sweetheart, and I love her to death, but again this doesn’t leave much time for insight.

Finally, there is my wife who manages to keep my world moving. She smiles at me, loves me (in spite of myself) and motivates and councils me. Still, not much time for insight.

I've been an Oracle DBA for a very long time. Currently I am an independent contractor. I work with Burleson Consulting


to provide Oracle DBA services to a number of clients. Additionally I write quite a bit. I have nine books out there:


Right now, my life is also consumed with writing a book and studying HTMLDB for a project that is gearing up. Thus far I've actually gotten it installed, which was an experience in itself. First, I installed the wrong version.... Now that I figured that out, I've gotten started on the tutorials.

Up to now I've found HTMLDB a nice development environment..... as I progress through the tutorials and move into actual development, we will see if my opinion holds true to this thinking. I'll keep this BLOG updated accordingly.

Enjoy your day!


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Richard Byrom said...

Look forward to your contributions to the Oracle community


Richard Byrom

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